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das Duracast Trail Marker Kit

das Duracast Trail Marker Kit

Your choice of 50 Duracast trail markers and 3 tubes of adhesive, for easy installation.  You will be prompted to type which markers you would like. (Choose from the explained options below)

All numerals are available individually 0-9 in either Green or Brown. 2 ½” Circles 
or 1 ½” x 3” Rectangles. Additionally Biking, Hiking, Roller Blading, Mile, Trail,
Arrows, Slashes, Dividers and Decimal Points are available to create your own 
combination- custom message.

das Trail Markers are used for permanent applications (7+ years) requiring maximum durability. The Markers are Duracast Style and applied to virtually any dry non-soil surface using your choice of das Adhesive

$100.00 $87.50